Database Queries

Through its patient testing, Monogram has built an extensive library of viruses from which it has generated robust resistance characterization data that are available to pharmaceutical clients. Clients can query Monogram’s database to ask questions about prevalence of mutational patterns, genotypic/phenotypic correlates (by specific mutational pattern), as well as replication capacity (RC). These data can be useful not only in early stage drug development efforts, but in post-marketing efforts as well.

Monogram’s database contains the following:
Phenotypes: >232,000
Genotypes: >184,000
Matched phenotypes and genotypes: >125,000
Tropism (Trofile®): >62,000

Below are links to posters and presentations that include data from Monogram database queries. Click on the titles below to download posters and abstracts featuring clinical studies where the Monogram database was utilized: