VeraTag® Technology

  • HERmark® uses two monoclonal antibodies specific for unique epitopes on the HER-2 receptor. This results in both antibodies binding to the same HER-2 receptor in close proximity.1
  • The fluorescent VeraTag® (V) reporter is conjugated to a monoclonal antibody (Ab1) specific for HER-2. A second HER-2-specific monoclonal antibody (Ab2) is conjugated to biotin, which is then linked to a photosensitizer molecule (PM).1
  • Photoactivation of the sample at a specific wavelength activates the PM-generating free radical oxygen. The free radical oxygen can cleave the VeraTag reporter in close proximity. The released VeraTag reporter is collected and subsequently quantified using standard capillary electrophoresis.1
  • The amount of cleaved VeraTag reporter is proportional to the concentration of HER-2 in the sample.1