Oncology Posters and Publications

Monogram Biosciences has presented data to demonstrate our portfolio of VeraTag® assays at recent clinical and scientific meetings. The publications and abstracts support the clinical utility and flexibility of VeraTag technology, our proprietary, novel, proximity-based platform that quantifies functional protein-protein interactions and protein expression.

Recent Publications

Yardley DA, Kaufman PA, Huang, et al. Quantitative measurement of HER2 expression in breast cancers: comparison with “real world” routine HER2 testing in a multi-center Collaborative Biomarker Study and correlation with overall survival. Breast Cancer Research. 2015;17:41. DOI 10.1186/s13058-015-0543-x 


Duchnowska R, Biernat W, Szostakiewicz B, et al. Correlation between quantitative HER2 protein expression and risk of brain metastasis in HER2-positive advanced breast cancer patients receiving trastuzumab-containing therapy. Oncologist. 2012;17(1):26-35. doi: 10.1634/theoncologist.2011-0212. Epub 2012 Jan 10.

Joensuu H, Sperinde J, Leinonen M, et al. Very high quantitative tumor HER2 content and outcome in early breast cancer. Ann Oncol. 2011;22(9):2007-2013.

Bates M, Sperinde J, Köstler WJ, et al. Identification of a sub-population of metastatic breast cancer patients with very high HER2 expression levels and possible resistance to trastuzumab. Ann Oncol. 201;22(9):2014-2020.

Toi M, Sperinde J, Huang W, et al. Differential survival following trastuzumab treatment based on quantitative HER2 expression and HER2 homodimers in a clinic-based cohort of patients with metastatic breast cancer. BMC Cancer. 2011; 10:56.

Ghosh M, Narasanna A, Wang SE, et al. Trastuzumab has preferential activity against breast cancers driven by HER2 homodimers. Cancer Research. 2011;71(5):1871-1872.

DeFazio-Eli L, Strommen K, Dao-Pick T, et al. Quantitative assays for the measurement of HER1-HER2 heterodimerization and phosphorylation in cell lines and breast tumors: applications for diagnostics and targeted drug mechanism of action. Breast Cancer Research. 2011;13:R44.

Mukherjee A, Badal Y, Nguyen XT, et al. Profiling the HER3/PI3K pathway in breast tumors using proximity-directed assays identifies correlations between protein complexes and phosphoproteins. PLOS One. 2011;6(1):e16443.

Dua R, Zhang J, Penuel E. Detetion of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) ligand-C-met receptor activation in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens by a novel proximity assay. PLOS One. 201;6(1):e15932.

Lipton A, Köfstler W, Leitzel K, et al. Quantitative HER2 protein levels predict outcome in fluorescence in situ hybridization-positive patients with metastatic breast cancer treated with trastuzumab. Cancer. 2010;116:5168-5178.

Sperinde J, Jin X, Banerjee J, et al. Quantitation of p95HER2 in paraffin sections by using a p95-specific antibody and correlation with outcome in a cohort of trastuzumab-treated breast cancer patients. Clinical Cancer Research. 2010;16(16):4226-4235.

Huang W, Reinholz M, Weidler J, et al. Comparison of central HER2 testing with quantitative total HER2 expression and HER2 homodimer measurements using a novel proximity based assay. Am J Clin Pathol. 2010;134:303-311.

Larson JS, Goodman LJ, Tan Y, et al. Analytical validation of a highly sensitive, accurate, and reproducible assay (HERmark®) for the measurement of HER2 total protein and HER2 Homodimers in FFPE breast cancer tumor specimens. Pathology Research International. 2010 Jun 28;2010:814176. doi: 10.4061/2010/814176.

Jain A, Penuel E, Mink S, et al. HER kinase axis receptor dimer partner switching occurs in response to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibition despite failure to block cellular proliferation. Cancer Research. 2010;70(5):1989-1999.

 Mamluk R, Carvajal IM, Morse BA, et al. Anti-tumor effect of CT-322 as an adnectin inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2. MAbs. 2010; 2(2):199-208.

Dua R, Zhang J, Nhonthachit P, et al. EGFR over-expression and activation in high HER2, ER negative breast cancer cell lines induces trastuzumab resistance. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010;122(3):685-697.

Shi Y, Huang W, Tan Y, et al. A novel proximity assay for the detection of proteins and protein complexes: quantitation of HER1 and HER2 total protein expression and homodimerization in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded cell lines and breast cancer tissue. Diagn Mol Pathol. 2009;18(1):11-21.

Desmedt C, Sperinde J, Piette F, et al. Quantitation of HER2 expression or HER2:HER2 dimers and differential survival in a cohort of metastatic breast cancer patients carefully selected for trastuzumab treatment primarily by FISH. Diagn Mol Pathol. 2009;18:22-9.

Recent Posters

A HER3 antibody that blocks ligand-independent HER2-HER3 dimerization inhibits growth of HER2-dependent tumors and sensitizes to HER2 and PI3K inhibitors J Garrett, C Sutton, C Bialucha, SA Ettenberg, J Wallweber, L DeFazio-Eli, CL Arteaga

Quantitative HER3 protein expression and PIK3CA mutation status in matched samples from primary and metastatic breast cancer tissues and correlation with time to recurrence J Sperinde, J Lara, R Michaelson, X Sun, P Conte, V Guarneri, E Barbieri, SM Ali, K Leitzel, J Weidler, Y Lie, J Cook, M Haddad, A Paquet, J Winslow, J Howitt, L Hurley, M Eisenberg, C Petropoulos, W Huang and A Lipton, SABCS 2012.

Correlation of quantitative p95HER2 and total HER2 levels with clinical outcomes in a combined analysis of two cohorts of trastuzumab-treated metastatic breast cancer patients R Duchnowska, J Sperinde, K Leitzel, B Szostakiewicz, A Paquet, SM Ali, T Jankowski, M Haddad, E Fuchs, B Arlukowicz-Czartoryska, J Winslow, C F Singer, PJ Wysocki ,Y Lie, R Horvat, M Foszczynska-Kloda, C Petropoulos, B. Radecka, MM Litwiniuk, S Debska, J Weidler, W Huang, W Biernat, WJ Köstler, J Jassem, A Lipton, SABCS 2012.

Quantitative measurement of HER2 expression in breast cancers: comparison with “real world” HER2 testing in a multi-center Collaborative Biomarker Study (CBS) and correlation with clinicopathological features Denise A. Yardley MD,, Peter A. Kaufman MD, John W. Adams MD, Lea Krekow MD, Michael Savin MD, William E Lawler MD, Stephen Zrada MD, Alexander Starr MD, Harvey Einhorn MD, Lee S. Schwartzberg MD, Weidong Huang MD, Jodi Weidler PharmD, Yolanda Lie, Agnes Paquet MS, Mojgan Haddad PhD, Jeff Sperinde PhD, Steve Anderson PhD, Marlon Brigino, Linda Bosserman MD, SABCS 2012.

Correlation of quantitative p95HER2, HER3, and HER2 protein expression with pathologic complete response (pCR) in HER2-positive breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant (NEO) trastuzumab containing therapy JC Villasboas, J Hurley, JM Weidler, A Paquet, C Gomez-Fernandez, M Cioffi, J Sperinde, A Chenna, M Haddad, Y Lie, J Winslow, W Huang, C Petropoulos, M Pegram, ASCO 2012.

Quantitative HER2 levels and steroid receptor expression in primary breast cancers and in matched brain metastases W Biernat, R Duchnowska, T Trojanowski, T Mandat, A Kowalczyk, B Czartoryska-Arlukowicz, B Radecka, B Jarosz, R Staszkiewicz, E Kalinka-Warzocha, M Chudzik, J Sperinde, M Haddad, A Paquet, Y Lie, J Winslow, JM Weidler, W Huang, C Petropoulos, J Jassem, ASCO 2012.

Quantitative HER2 measurement and PI3K mutation profile in matched primary and metastatic breast cancer tissues W. Huang, J. Lara, R. Michaelson, X. Sun, P. Conte, V. Guarneri, E. Barbieri, S. Ali, K. Leitzel, J. Weidler, Y. Lie, M. Haddad, A. Paquet, J. Sperinde, J. Howitt, M. Eisenberg, L. Hurley, C. Petropoulos, and A. Lipton, ASCO 2012.

A comparative study of p95-HER2 carboxy terminal fragment (CTF) detected by immunohistochemistry and VeraTag immunoassays in human breast tumors Jeff Sperinde, Ahmed Chenna, Jianhuan Zhang, Val McWhorter, Lisa Dierbeck, Moacyr Da Silva, Lori Johnson, Steve Anderson, Christos Petropoulos, Weidong Huang, John W. Winslow. AACR, 2012.

Subclassification of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck based on HER/ErbB and c-MET receptor protein expression and activation profiles Jerry Wallweber, Youssouf Badal, Brian Twomey, Tam Dang, Jolly Bose Trang Dao-Pick, Jianhuan Zhang, Dave Stathas, Rajiv Dua, Agnes Paquet. AACR, 2011.

Multiple Subtypes of HER-2/neu-positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Allan Lipton, Kim Leitzel, Wolfgang Koestler, Eva-Maria Fuchs, Christian F Singer, Suhail M Ali, Weidong Huang, Jeff Sperinde, Laurie Goodman, Xueguang Jin, Jayee Banerjee, Jennifer Weston, Ali Mukherjee, Jeff Larson, Jodi Weidler, Agnes Paquet, Steve Williams, John Winslow, Gordon Parry, Michael Bates. SABCS, 2009.