HIV Viral Load

Viral load testing is one of the most important clinical tools for managing patients with HIV. A viral load test quantifies the amount of viral RNA found in the patient’s plasma.Viral load measurements provide information about how well a patient’s regimen is working and when a resistance test may be necessary.

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1), Quantitative, Real-time PCR (Graphical)

Viral Load Reflex Testing

Resistance testing provides the best results when the tests are performed as soon as it is known that the patient’s drugs are no longer working. Monogram provides viral load reflex testing options to facilitate this process. We can perform a viral load test and then automatically run a resistance and/or tropism test if the patient’s viral load meets or exceeds the viral load thresholds for the chosen assay. Call Customer Service at 800-777-0177 to get the latest test request form that lists all of our resistance and tropism tests and our viral load and reflex options.

Click here for viral load reflex test codes.